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Colorful Furniture To Spice Up Your Home

Colorful Furniture To Spice Up Your Home
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Does your home lack personality and vibrancy? TColorful furniture pieces are an excellent way to spice up any room in the house. Just as Art Deco was influenced by the bright colors of Fauvism among many others, modern furniture draws inspiration from many places. And a splash of bright color can be all it takes to turn any unassuming piece of furniture into an eye-catching statement in your home.


Interior with yellow sofa

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Decorating with colorful furniture needs planning. Modern classic design does not call for too many bold patterns and bright colors, which can be overwhelming. To avoid this, try decorating against a neutral gray backdrop. A mustard yellow sofa or teal-colored chair is sure to capture attention in a room full of gray.

7 Stunning Pieces To Brighten The Room:

1. Poltrona Frau: Armchair "Vanity Fair", Cremisi/Walnut

Interior with leather furniture

Source: Boulesse

This armchair is a replica of the original Poltrona Frau design, first released for sale in 1903. Known for using only the highest quality full-grain leather (the same leather used in the interior of Ferrari and Maserati vehicles), Poltrona Frau offers a visually stunning yet classic look to accentuate one's living room or home study.

2. Andrew Martin: Chair "Cordelia"

Designer Andrew Martin is best known for producing pieces which are both comfortable and cultured. As seen in this "Cordelia" design, Martin creates a striking contrast between the simple brown leather and a chaotic collection of patterns. This unique chair is a great conversation piece and is sure to provide both comfort and warmth in the home.

3. Grange: Commode "Pompadour"

A single piece of colorful vintage furniture can go a long way. With its turquoise finish and metal grips, this cherrywood commode has an undeniable presence in the room. Try using alluring pieces like this in the main rooms of the house as they will certainly become focal points for both residents and guests.

4. Poltrona Frau: Armchair "Juliet" and Ottoman, Cremisi

Red armchair with ottoman

Source: ArchiExpo

Modern furniture designer Benjamin Hubert has taken the classic Poltrona Frau look into the future with this piece. Influenced by the trend of ruffled sleeves in women's fashion, this chair builds on the classic "Vanity Fair" look (seen above) through the addition of a free-flowing pattern stitched into the upholstery. This playful chair provides a comforting escape from the stress and worry of everyday life.

5. Duresa: Sofa "Maximus"

The Duresa company has been known as a leader in premium upholstery since 1938. This glamorous sofa is made with the finest textured velvet and is nothing short of visually stunning. This piece is impossible to ignore, and emits a subtle sense of both warmth and luxury.

6. Grange: Commode "Jacob"

Another commode from the Grange company, the "Jacob" is a quintessential statement piece. Though the piece itself maintains a prominent geometric shape, the vibrant color collage signifcantly loosens the overall aesthetic. Proudly display this piece in a common area of the house to encourage a stylish and welcoming living space.

7. Poltrona Frau: Chair "Montera", Polinesia

Dining table with chairs

Source: Poltrona Frau

This beautiful chair continues the Poltrona Frau tradition of pairing high quality materials with simple free-flowing shapes. The "Montera" does not have an overbearing presence, but when placed in the right setting, this chair can function as a beacon of vibrance which brightens the whole room.