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Shapely and Stunning Geometric Furniture

Shapely and Stunning Geometric Furniture
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Geometric furniture truly brings the old saying, “less is more” back to life. Drawing influence from minimalist home décor, it features sharp, straight lines softened by lights and shadows which play graciously on metallic and wooden surfaces. It's an excellent choice for those who want to be more adventurous and experimental in their home design; transforming simple chairs and tables into art that is new and inspiring. 

The shape of furniture to come

Just like modern classic interior design, there are two principles at the foundation of geometric furniture design: light and space. By refining furniture down to its most minimal dimensions, geometric design increases the perception of light within a room, making it feel larger and more spacious. As a result, cleanliness and simplicity are values commonly associated with minimalist décor, and feature in many of the best examples of geometric furniture.

While you'll find plenty of industrial materials, including glass, steel, and aluminum, used in geometric furniture design, many examples also use “softer” materials such as wood. This combination embodies the essential tension found in all geometric and minimalist decor - between high aesthetic principles, and functionality. Thus, the coldness of steel surfaces is replaced by light, panes of glass create the illusion of space, and wood works to keep the room feeling welcoming and familiar.

Modern dining room with geometric environment.

The shapes found in geometric furniture designs are daring, unique and fascinating. By making ingenious use of abstract geometric shapes, designers create futuristic models that give the impression that items are floating, suspended within the room.

Introducing Dreieck

Dreieck (meaning 'triangle') is a German producer of designer glass furniture. Operating since 1984, Dreieck exploits the potential of its chosen material, creating 'floating' designs like those shown in the photograph below.

Dreieck livingroom design.

Notice how the furniture blends with the environment, making it both part of the room's distinctive decorative style, as well as a fundamental part of the room itself.

The materials used for the pieces of furniture in the image above are float glass and optiwhite. These high-quality materials manipulate light and create the impression of translucent color between their multiple panes of glass. The Dreieck glass side table “Janus II” uses its deconstructed cuboid shape to offer a practically sized surface area at the same time as creating the illusion of additional space, while the Dreieck side table FADO uses chrome and glass to 'float' within its surroundings.

Geometric furniture can also be the perfect choice for poolside. Modern pool furniture tends to the geometric for more than practical reasons. The style perfectly complements your luxury home pool.

Other geometric furniture designers to look out for

The Parisian Nova Obiecta art project, founded by two French designers, recently launched its second collection. Building on the bold aesthetic of their first, the collection features pieces of furniture designed with sharp lines that create sharp edges and fluid geometric forms. Steel, glass, and aluminum are combined with maximum efficiency and optimal use of space and light.

Dokter and Misses combines geometric shapes with the colors and sensibilities of the company's native South Africa. Their furniture is funky, complex, and very enticing - building on the simplistic foundations of geometric design, whilst also brightening its space with a bold splash of color.

Poltrona Frau combines simplicity with style. Sleek and luminous, their sofas combine sharp shapes and round edges to stunning effect. Their main strength, however, lies in their use of inviting colors and comfortable materials - making their furniture not just design statements, but also practical and livable.

Poltrona Frau geometric furniture model.

Geometric furniture combines shapely elegance and bold design, with the very best pieces creating a sense of space at the same time as imposing strong artistic sentiments upon a room. Versatile and striking, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a bold, fresh space within their home.

One designer who you wouldn't necessarily associate with geometric furniture is Francois Catroux. Catroux is famed for creating luxurious homes for the rich and famous, and his fusion of classic and modern design often comes at the expense of furniture. After all, this is the man who admits he hates furniture.

But when furniture is looked at more as a work of art, and less as an item of function, it can add to a rooms harmonics, especially when paired with more traditional and classic materials.

Geometric furniture can be a bold addition to any room, whether it is elegantly classic or sparsely modern. But remember that too many angles can be overpowering.