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The essential items for a noble kitchen

The essential items for a noble kitchen
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The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home and it deserves the best treatment possible: high-tech appliances, sharp stainless steel knives and a stunning décor. The kitchen essentials to transform a simple room into the family’s meeting room are not numerous, but one should be very careful when selecting them. A kitchen has to be cozy, stylish but also very practical – after all, a kitchen is for cooking.

When building our noble kitchen, there are many sources available for inspiration. Although they are not notable for cooking, European nobles have taken a liking to the fine culinary arts and have invested time and effort into perfecting their kitchens.

1.      Choosing the right chef’s knife

Kitchen essentials: chef's knife

Every good kitchen starts with a good chef’s knife. It is estimated that a chef’s knife accomplishes more than 90 percent of daily kitchen tasks and choosing the right one is crucial.

 The Mörwald Kochamt chef’s knife is designed by F.A. Porsche to be your best friend when cutting and chopping. The ergonomic stainless steel handle allows for easy handling. However, the blade is what cuts it for this knife. Made out of high quality 301 Japanese steel, the blade is sharpened carefully by the hand of a master until it achieves razor-like sharpness. This chef’s knife is one of the sharpest in the industry and delivers excellence. Professional chefs from all over the world use it and it is a favorite among amateurs too.

2.      Moving on to the oven

Kitchen essentials: oven

Kate Middleton and Price William are, without a doubt, much modern than their royal predecessors. The Duchess enjoys cooking herself and for this purpose, she has redesigned the kitchen at Kensington Palace to feature all the modern appliances that make cooking simple, fast and delicious.

The oven Kate has chosen for her royal kitchen is up to the highest standards in the industry. The Sub-Zero & Wolf built-in double oven has ten different “cooking modes”, five induction rings and features with a cobalt blue interior, perfect for spotting (and saving) overcooked dishes. This oven allows perfect control of the cooking temperature for every meal. Its metal drawers keep the food warm, while you can prepare the main course or additional courses.

The Sub-Zero & Wolf ovens are a common sight in many Michelin starred restaurants and in the homes of the rich and powerful. The oven is one of the top kitchen essentials and only the highest quality is acceptable. 

Aga cookers deserve a mention as they were the number one go-to-oven of the royal family and for the more traditionalist British royals and peers, it continues to be the crown jewel of their kitchen.

3.      Things are getting colder

Kitchen essentials: fridge

A good fridge is essential for preserving all the delicious dishes we have prepared in our noble kitchens. If we are to draw (again) inspiration from what the nobility and celebrities prefer, then the Sub-Zero & Wolf manufacturers are, again, the winners. According to an article published by The Telegraph, Coleen Rooney, Victoria Beckham, Bernie Ecclestone, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna and Rod Stewart plus the Duchess of Cambridge, love the gigantic American-style fridge manufactured by Sub-Zero & Wolf.

What makes this refrigerator so great? Well, apart from their sheer size, which offers a lot of space, the air-purification system designed by NASA seems to take the cake. The air-purification system kills any bacteria that would ruin the dishes. This gigantic fridge also has an incorporated icemaker and built-in lights on every shelf.

Other luxury refrigerators designed for a noble kitchen come from Bosch, Jenne-Air and Viking. These appliances deliver the best performance in the industry, look chic and are very popular among the nobility and the royal houses of Europe.

4.      A high-tech sink for washing the vegetables 

Kitchen essentials: high-tech sink

The sink is one of the most overlooked kitchen essentials. However, we cannot picture a kitchen without a proper water source for washing our produce. The Duchess of Cambridge, again, impresses us by choosing a kitchen that is modern in every way.

The Dornbracht e-unit kitchen uses something called “smart water technology”. The kitchen gives up the traditional faucets for foot sensors that make water flow out immediately. It also features several control knobs and a simple display that gives you complete control over the water that comes out. You can set the temperature and the quantity. Finally, this “smart water” technology is packed into a sleek design that fits perfectly in a modern kitchen.

5.      Do not forget about the dishes

Kitchen essentials: dishes

What is a noble kitchen without a beautiful hand-crafted set of porcelain dinnerware sets? A delicious meal tastes all the better if served in a stunning porcelain set. For centuries, porcelain has been the staple dinnerware of European aristocracy and between all these modern appliances and fast cooking techniques, we believe that keeping something traditional at hand is not only nostalgic but also chic and elegant.

Herend porcelain keeps on to the tradition of fine dining and a set of their dinner plates should be a part of any noble kitchen.

European nobles choose only the best kitchen essential for preparing their meals. After all, eating is one of our greatest pleasures and doing it properly is a must.