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The Seven Best Vegan Restaurants in New York

The Seven Best Vegan Restaurants in New York
Helen Walden
By: Helen Walden
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In today's increasingly health-concious world, it's easier than ever to eat a meat-free diet, with vegan restaurants in New York City popping up on every corner. Whether you're looking for fine dining establishments in the heart of Manhattan or the latest pop-up eatery in Brooklyn, the latest wave of creativity from plant-based chefs means that the big apple is your oyster - or should that be your seitan?


Vegan Restaurants in New York

The vegan staple, falafel, is reimagined in the creative menu of Israel-born chef Einat Admony. This Waverly Place restaurant has been open since 2005, and has only gotten tastier over the years. As well as a classic recipe brought over from Tel Aviv, Admony experiments with Tunisian Spices and Kalamata Olive in a series of sandwiches, salads and mezze platters. The restaurant is also known for its fresh fruit smoothies, with everything from classic kale to daring date on offer.

The food here received an impressive 4.6 out of 5 rating from foodie bible Zagat, with the combination of comfort food and creativity proving popular among vegetarians and omnivores alike. In fact, these rich flavors might be just the thing to persuade your carnivorous friends that vegan eating is every bit as delicious.


Vegan Restaurants in New York

Making sure that those eating at vegan restaurants in New York don't have to miss out on the fast food staple of burgers and chips, Chloe Coscarelli and Samantha Wasser set up this much blogged-about restaurant. The menu will get tastebuds tingling even for non-vegans, meeting Milennial expectations with the likes of the Guac Burger, Kale Cookies and, of course, the new-classic Smashed Avocado on Toast. There's also a popular brunch menu, that combines time-honored favorites such as Mom's Cinnamon Roll with creative health foods such as Quinoa Hash Browns.

From the trendy décor to the fresh food that's designed to be as delectable on an Instagram feed as it is on a plate, by CHLOE seems to be ticking all the boxes for the new generation of foodies. In fact, the concept has proved so popular that there are now five locations in NYC alone, with another two set to open soon, as well as additional venues in Los Angeles and Boston.

Delice & Sarrasin

Vegan Restaurants in New York

If you're looking for upsale vegan restaurants in New York, try out Delice & Sarrasin - a French restaurant situated in the West Village. The menu comprises a variety of authentic French dishes, but the real draw is the selection of crepes and galettes. VIsit for brunch and indulge in a St Raphael, comprising peppers, potatoes and a vegan chorizo alternative, and perhaps follow it up with a scrumptiously sweet La Nanane, made with roasted pear, melted dark chocolate and almonds.

For those with a sweet tooth, the desserts are also well worth sampling, with the likes of the Lavender Infused Rice Pudding keeping the menu ahead of the 2017 food trends. Wash it all down with a glass or two of one of their vegan wines and you have the perfect recipe for a meat-free dinner date.

Candle 79

Vegan Restaurants in New York

Candle 79's older sister, the Health Candle café, came to life in 1984. By the time Candle 79 emerged in 2003, owners Bart and Joy already had a loyal following of vegans, vegetarians and health-food connoseiurs. Part organic café and part wine and sake bar, this big city eatery has become something of an institution among vegan restaurants in New York, and regularly attracts celebrity guests.

The food here is as focused on health as it is animal-friendly, with organic ingredients grown in season, without the use of pesticides and other common chemicals. Try the eco cocktails, made with the likes of wheatgrass, agave and fig, and make sure to check the daily special menu for a unique treat. There's also a gluten-free menu available, which makes it a great choice for groups with multiple dietary requirements.


Vegan Restaurants in New York

Korean and vegan are two cuisines that you don't imagine coming hand in hand, but that's where Hangawi steps in. In fact, this restaurant trades in balancing opposing concepts, with the entire menu built around the principles of ''um and yang'' - the Korean equivalent of ''yin and yang''. Um foods are listed as green vegetables and fruits, while yang foods include root vegetables and potatoes.

With dark wood beams, traditional cushioned seating on the floor and folk music playing in the background, this venue aims to recreate the atmosphere of a Korean teahouse. Dishes such as Organic Avocado Bibimbap and a Tofu Clay Pot in Ginger Sauce are served alongside soju and nongju cocktails - and, of course, the classic sakes.

00 + Co

Vegan Restaurants in New York

One of summer's trendiest foods over recent years, wood-fired pizza is one of those mouth-watering dishes that could almost make a vegan crave dairy - but fortunately, chef Matthew Kenney has come up with the solution. His plant-based pizzas are topped with vegan-friendly cashew ''mozzarella'' and sunflower ''parmesan''.

The pizza is undoubtedly the main event, but there are also a selection of small plates on offer as well as organic vegan wines and dairy-free ice cream. There are even a few daily specials and desserts such as vegan tiramisu to try out. 00 + Co's trendy décor befits its Upper East Side surroundings, and makes it a great place for groups to head for an after-work bite or a weekend catch-up.

Avant Garden

Vegan Restaurants in New York

Anyone who loves either puns or vegan fine dining will be pleased with this place. Born as a passion project of Indian-Italian restauranteur Ravi DeRossi, Avant Garden is all about celebrating natural vegan foods instead of relying on meat alternatives. As well as a broader-than-usual selection of greens on toast, the menu comprises lentils, roasted roots and rich salads.

There are just 28 seats inside, creating a cosy atmosphere, and the decoration fits the mood with elegant white-washed walls and a rustic tree branch chandelier. It's the perfect place to enjoy a light meal with a glass of wine or fruit-flavoured water while you soak up the ambiance.

From pizzas and burgers to kale salads and roasted quinoa, the vegan restaurants in New York City have a meat-free meal to satiate any craving.

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