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Seven Great Gin Cocktails to Make in 2017

Seven Great Gin Cocktails to Make in 2017
Helen Walden
By: Helen Walden
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With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to test out some new cocktail recipes in time for the party season. This season, our favorite base is gin thanks to its neutral but refreshing flavor that means it mixes well with a variety of fruits. It's long been favored at bars and cocktail parties, and is well known for its sophisticated nature and sharp but not-too-sharp taste.

There are plenty of ways to play with this time-honored spirit, whether you like your drinks sweet, sharp or floral. Next time you host a cocktail party, make sure you have a bottle on hand, as well as a few great gin cocktail recipes tucked up your sleeve that are guaranteed to impress.

Bohemian Cocktail

Great Gin Cocktails

Unless you've been living under a rock in far-flung Timbuktu, you'll have seen elderflower popping up in bars and restaurants recently. From classic elderflower cordial to aromatic cakes, it's an ingredient that's enjoying the culinary spotlight

When mixed with gin, elderflower tastes like summer in a glass - which makes it an ideal ingredient for your next barbecue. This great gin cocktail calls for elderflower foam, adding an unusual twist that's sure to impress your guests. The addition of an egg white head accelerate this drink from ordinary to interesting, and make it a rich, velvety texture that's smooth and sweet to drink.


Great Gin Cocktails

For a taste with a Caribbean twist, try this unique blend of four favored liqueurs. Gin is mixed up with brandy, rum and sherry as well as a tastebud-tingling mixture of orange juice, lemon juice and almond syrup. Serve it at a cocktail party to bring an island theme to any destination - and add a miniature umbrella for added flair.

The recipe is simple enough to follow, but the blend of flavors is sure to impress your guests. This cocktail is best served long over ice, which is perfect for cooling down in the midsummer heat. Serve it at a bar to show off your skills as you mix and match multiple bottles, and don't forget to add a little thought to the presentation to truly top off the experience.

New Orleans Fizz

Great Gin Cocktails

Named after one of the USA's most trendy states, this great gin cocktail is guaranteed to be a big hit. The base is a beautiful blend of citrus flavors, with gin serving as the anchor liquor and a mix of lime and orange that make it equal parts sweet and refreshing. It's the kind of drink you can imagine being sipped at a jazz club or in a trendy downtown bar, which makes it a great way to add style to your event.

But the true flair for this cocktail comes from the most unusual ingredient: egg whites. While this can be made for particular tastes, it adds a luxurious creaminess to the cocktail that feels like a true indulgence. Serve it in place of desert to truly enjoy its richness, or offer it at a cocktail party for an event to remember.

Pomelo and Basil

Great Gin Cocktails

If anything is going to impress your guests, its the words ''pomelo and basil'' thrown around at a cocktail party. But despite the elaborate name, this great gin cocktail is deceptively easy to make. Serve it as a post-dinner refreshment or as a way to open up the evening, and make sure to introduce the ingredients to get the true cocktail connoisseurs among your guests talking.

Pomelo juice and basil syrup are simply combined with gin, with a slice of pomelo added as an optional garnish. These light and refreshing flavors make this an ideal summer drink, and mean that it can just as easily be served at a sophisticated dinner party as it can at a backyard barbecue or a casual drinks event.

The Last Word

Great Gin Cocktails

Who wouldn't like to have the last word? Developed in the prohibition era, this great gin cocktail is a delightful blast from the past. A mixture of Chartreuse and Maraschino liqueur provide plenty of sugar for those with a sweet tooth, while the gin and lime juice provide balancing flavors.

Fit this into your themed cocktail party as a way of setting a vintage vibe, or introduce it as a unique twist in a cocktail menu. Serve it in a traditional cocktail glass, straight up and with a wedge of lime to match the sophisticated presentation to the taste.

Corpse Reviver

Great Gin Cocktails

Pitched by Hendrick's Gin as the perfect drink for the morning after the night before, this gin cocktail is a bitter but palette pleasing flavor that will make you feel refreshed. The key ingredients are Cointreau, Lillet and lemon juice, and, of course, a splash of gin.

The final ingredient is a dash of absinthe, which really gives it that finishing kick. The resulting drink is a sharp, herbal flavor that'll definitely get your guests talking and which will soon be part of your go-to repertoire.

Cucumber Martini

Great Gin Cocktails

Of course we can't talk about great gin cocktails without giving a nod to the good, old-fashioned martini. A tried and tested classic, this is one drink that's guaranteed to be a success whether you serve it shaken or stirred.

For a unique twist on a classic recipe, try a cucumber and mint martini. Lemon juice and simple syrup provide added flavor, but the focus is on the mint leaves and cucumber slices. The cool and refreshing flavors make this the perfect summer choice, bringing a little extra tang to a simple blend. Serve it chilled for the perfect sophisticated addition to a barbecue or option at a summer cocktail party.

From the classics to the novel, it seems that cocktail connoisseurs have been busy experimenting at the bar, and they've come up with a whole host of mouth-watering options. There are many great gin cocktails to explore when it comes to your next party, but the proof of the pudding is in the drinking!

Helen Walden

Created by: Helen Walden

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