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New York’s Best Garden Bars

New York’s Best Garden Bars
Helen Walden
By: Helen Walden
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New York has a huge selection of amazing bars. But come summer and the sun, you don't want to be cooped up inside all evening. And while some pubs have beer gardens, it's the garden bars themselves that stand out. So we took a look at some of the best.

Terroir at the Porch

New York’s best garden bars

Situated along New York’s most novel public park, the High Line, Terroir at the Porch is an open air café that opens until 8pm on Wednesday to Sunday. Take a stroll along this train track-turned-park for spectacular views of the West Side of Manhattan, before stopping for a refreshing drink.

As the name might suggest, Terroir at the Porch’s particular speciality is wine, but they also offer a number of delicious cocktails as well as beers from every New York City borough. Small plates such as lobster rolls and ricotta meatballs find the perfect balance between casual eating and fine dining, making it a great place to start an evening in the city.

Habana Outpost

New York’s best garden bars

Cuban cuisine is enjoying a renewed popularity in 2017, and this Brooklyn-based restaurant s ahead of the trend. Habana Outpost serves a mixture of Mexican and Cuban food alongside matching cocktails. There’s a relaxed feel at the bar and restaurant, with a large outdoor space and orders taken at the counter.

The food and drinks delicious but that’s not the main attraction that puts it into the list of New York's best garden bars - Habana Outpost calls itself New York City’s first eco-friendly eatery thanks to its solar panels and bicycle-powered blender. They aim to give back by providing environmental programs in their local borough, It’s only open in the summer, and it’s definitely not one to miss.

Frying Pan

New York’s best garden bars

There are few places in the world where you can expect to enjoy your drinks on the deck of a floating lighthouse - but if it was going to be anywhere, it was always going to by New York City. Redefining the idea of a “dive” bar, Frying Pan is the city’s most buoyant bar and is situated on the Hudson River.

A great place to soak in the scenery of the city, Frying Pan sells beer by the bucket and offers spectacular views of the West Side. The food menu keeps to the central theme with a number of delicious seafood dishes on offer.

Threes Brewing

New York’s best garden bars

This bar epitomizes all things Brooklyn with its locally brewed beers, daytime coffee shop and reclaimed wood décor. It’s all accompanied by bar food served by pop-up restaurants who visit on a rotating basis. The perfect place to go if you want to see the trendy side of New York City, this place is the hipster's choice of New York's best garden bars.

Three Brewing’s rooftop comes alive at night with the help of pretty fairy lights, strung discreetly above the deckchairs and tables. Plenty of greenery and a relaxed but buzzing vibe have made it a local favorite, alongside the excellent selection of draft beers and bottles which the knowledgeable staff are happy to discuss.

The Garden at Studio Square

New York’s best garden bars

One of the biggest outdoor drinking spots in the city, this central hot-spot is one for those who like their evenings packed with atmosphere. As well as live DJ performances and even club nights, you’ll find American microbrewery beers here as well as simple snacks and small plates.

There’s around 30,000 square feet available in The Garden, so it’s the perfect place for big groups - although you’ll often find you still need to fight to find seats during peak times. A fire-pit at the center manages to keep it cosy despite the vast size, coupled with pretty cobblestone walls covered in ivy vines.


New York’s best garden bars

This relaxed Vietnamese restaurant and bar is part of the increasingly popular gastropub trend in New York City. Bricolage is defined by its mismatched furniture and beautiful greenery, which makes it the perfect place to waste away an afternoon in Brooklyn. The indoors is easily elegant, but the patio in the back is just right for a sunny day.

The food is certainly a talking point - with the menu made up of simple but well-made Vietnamese dishes such as Banh Mi - but the drinks are just as much a focus with creative cocktails such as Pink Soda Chanh Muoi Salted Lemonade and Lychee Tiki Tavi on offer.

Loosie’s Kitchen

New York’s best garden bars

Get Caribbean vibes in the heart of Williamsburg with New Orlean establishment Loosie’s Kitchen. This place has brought its southern charms with it all the way to New York City, giving it a fun and friendly atmosphere. It also appears to have transplanted its color scheme from the West Coast, with bold and bright furniture decorating the open patio.

Delicious banana and coconut flavored cocktails are served alongside complementary dishes full of cajun spice as well as indulgently sweet desserts. Loosie’s Kitchen also offers an impressive selection of organic, biodynamic and sustainable wines.

Pier A Harbor House

New York’s best garden bars

Pier A Harbor House is the type of place that’s always abuzz with visitors. There are a range of cocktails on offer, as well as craft beers and bar food, but the true attraction is its peak location right beside the water of the Hudson River. In-keeping with the theme, there’s local seafood alongside raw dishes.

One of New York's best garden bars for tourists who want to make the most of the city, this elegant outdoor eatery offers spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty. Serving up sophisticated plates such as oysters alongside your drinks, Pier A feels like a true indulgence in the heart of New York City.

Bohemian Hall and Biergarten

New York’s best garden bars

If you like a little history alongside your cocktail, try Bohemian Hall and Biergarten in the borough of Queens. Known as the oldest beer garden in New York City, there’s a long and beloved history behind this watering hole, which prides itself on its wide selection of good quality beers.

A Czech themed beer garden, Bohemian Hall serves bratwurst and draft beer in a beautiful open outdoor space. There are plenty of trees offering shade for those looking for relief from the summer heat, and the big, family-style picnic tables make it a great social space that’s open until the early hours of the morning.

The William Vale Hotel

New York’s best garden bars

For true connoisseurs, the William Vale hotel bar is an one of New York's best garden bars which offers an unbeatable experience. Not only does the 22nd-floor restaurant offer panoramic views of the city, but the cocktails and food both come from high-end experts. Situated in Williamsburg, this place is still new but looks set to become one of the city’s trendiest spots.

The dishes take their inspiration from street foods but add elaborate twists, while the drinks range from the classic to the creative. The ambiance at this venue is suave and sophisticated, so it’s a great choice for a special occasion or as a place to impress visiting guests.

With so many venues on offer, it seems that the challenge is not finding garden bars in New York City but choosing which one to go to!

Helen Walden

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