9 young royals in line to European thrones

9 young royals in line to European thrones
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Some of them are still in diapers, but these young royals are due to inherit some of the most prestigious titles in the world. From a ski jumping princess to a prince who wore a bathrobe to meet Barack Obama, meet the remarkable future queens and kings of Europe.



Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Barbant

1st in line to Belgian throne

b. 25 October, 2001


The first born child of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, young Princess Elisabeth will one day sit the Belgian throne. She lives with her parents and siblings – brothers Gabriel and Emmanuel and sister Eléonore, at the Royal Palace of Laeken.


Elisabeth's claim to the throne over her younger brother's is owed to the 1991 change in Belgian succession laws, allowing the eldest child to succeed, irrespective of gender.


The young princess is creative, with a fondness for drawing and reading. She has many talents, including piano playing, ballet dancing and sailing. She also speaks three languages – Dutch, French and English.


Young Royals - Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Barbant


Prince Christian

2nd in line to Danish throne

b. 15 October, 2005


Prince Christian’s birth was celebrated by 21 gun salutes fired from the Sixtus Battery in Holmen and Kronborg Castle. The Danish flag flew proudly from official buildings and public buses and beacons were lit, welcoming the royal arrival.


His parents, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, have received extensive attention from European and Australian media for their modern ‘fairytale’ romance between a prince and a commoner. Should Christian succeed the throne, he will be the first monarch of any dominion with Australian ancestry.


In December 2015, a Gold Coast lifeguard saved the prince when he was pulled out to sea by a strong current. Though the lifeguard earned enormous gratitude from the Danish royal family, he admitted he had absolutely no idea who the little boy was!

Young Royals - Prince Christian of Danemark


Hereditary Prince Jacques

1st in line to Monegasque throne

b. 10 December, 2014


Though he is only a year old, Prince Jacques is first in line to succeed the Monegasque throne. His claim is followed by his twin sister, Princess Gabriella, who was born two minutes before him.


To celebrate the arrival of the young royals, 42 cannon shots, 21 each, were fired from Fort Antoine, followed by church bells and boat horns.


The young royals were baptized at the Cathedral of Monaco in May 2015, wearing matching white christening gowns by Baby Dior.


The baby prince’s mother, Princess Charlene – a former Olympic swimmer for South Africa – chose the name Jacques to honor the French origin of their homeland.


Young Royals - Hereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco


Princess Alexia of the Netherlands

2nd in line to Dutch throne

b. 26 June, 2005


The second daughter of King Willem-Alexander, Princess Alexia is second in line to the Dutch throne. She is preceded by her elder sister, Amalia, The Princess of Orange.


Princess Alexia is loved in the Netherlands for her energy and fighting spirit. In February 2016, she was injured on a skiing holiday in Austria, where she broke her right thigh bone. After a few days she was released from hospital, following a successful operation.


Alongside skiing, the young princess also loves ballet, hockey and horse riding. She also plays the piano.


Young Royals - Princess Alexia of the Netherlands


Princess Ingrid Alexandra

2nd in line to Norwegian throne

b. 21 January, 2004


Princess Ingrid Alexandra is expected to become Norway’s second female monarch, a title currently unclaimed since the reign of Queen Margaret in the 15th century. Her claim is preceded only by her father, Crown Prince Haakon. Due to the introduction of absolute primogeniture in 1990, this was unaffected by the birth of her younger brother.


The Norwegian princess has taken part in several of her country’s official engagements. Her notable appearances include the Constitution Day celebrations, an interview with her father on a television program in aid of a children's environmental organization and a traditional ski jumping tournament in Oslo.


Young Royals - Princess Ingrid Alexandra


Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias

1st in line to Spanish throne

b. 31 October, 2005

Princess Leonor was baptized in 2006, by the Cardinal Archbishop of Madrid. Following the custom for young royals, she was christened with water from the River Jordan.

The shining heir presumptive is the eldest child of King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain, bestowing her with the historical titles: Princess of Girona, Princess of Viana, Duchess of Montblanc, Countess of Cervera and Lady of Balaguer.

Leonor has been praised for her remarkable sense of fashion since she was very young, and regularly receives press attention for her charming outfits.

In October 2014, the Museo de Cera in Madrid unveiled a wax figure of the princess, celebrating the young royal who could be Spain's first queen since Isabella II 1868.

Young Royals - Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias


Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland

2nd in line to Swedish throne

b. 23 February, 2012

She's only four years old, but Princess Estelle is already winning the hearts of her country. She's been described as a 'true gal of the people', already outperforming her parents at skiing, one of Sweden's best loved sports.

In 2015, she appeared in a viral Christmas video, making traditional Swedish biscuits with her family. Wearing a gingham apron, rolling pin in hand, she helped her parents prepare the dough before it was placed into a wood fire oven.

Estelle was christened on 22 May 2012. She wore the family's antique christening gown, first worn by Prince Gustaf Adolf in 1906. To celebrate the day, the limited edition Prinsessan Estelles Bönbok (Princess Estelle's Prayerbook) was released. The launch was held at the Copper Tents in Haga Park, where Estelle's mother, Crown Princess Victoria, was famously presented with the first copy.

Young Royals - Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland


Prince George

3rd in line to British throne

b. 22 July, 2013

Prince George's birth was the most globally anticipated of all the young royals'. A surge of 'royal baby fever' saw journalists camping outside the Lindo Wing for two weeks, waiting on news.

The first-born son of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, the toddler has had a high profile birth. On the day he was born, five per cent of global news was related to him.

William and Kate have done their best to shield him from the paparazzi. He made his first public appearance in the United Kingdom at the age of two, when he visited his newborn sister Charlotte at St Mary's hospital, London.

The following year, George was allowed to stay up late to meet Barack Obama. The young prince's bedtime attire became the subject of the former president's joke that he 'showed up to our meeting in his bathrobe... a clear breach of protocol."

Young Royals -  Prince George

Princess Charlotte

4th in line to British throne

b. 2 May, 2015

The latest addition to Europe's young royals, Prince Charlotte, is fourth in line to the British throne. Her arrival in 2015 pushed her uncle, Prince Harry of Wales, one place further down the line of succession.

The baby princess of Cambridge is said to bear a striking resemblance to her great grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. British newspapers have posted photo comparisons of them at the same age to demonstrate their similarities.

Changes to the law of succession in 2013 mean that she will remain fourth in line regardless of whether her parents have another son. However, she will only go on to reign if Prince George predeceases her without leaving any living children. It is therefore unlikely Britain will see another Queen on the throne for the foreseeable future once Elizabeth II's reign ends.

Young Royals -  Princess Charlotte

With talent, wealth and the support of their nations, these bright young royals are destined for exciting futures. Though some are more likely to ascend the throne than others, time will tell what they can achieve.