Does the Queen use Alexa and other questions

Does the Queen use Alexa and other questions
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Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most popular monarchs in the world. Her long reign has attracted a lot of public and media attention and questions about the Queen’s personality and lifestyle are bound to appear. We know for one thing that Queen Elizabeth II is somewhat of a reclusive royal, preferring to keep her political opinions largely unknown and her private life out of the spotlight.

However, thanks to her long reign, some fun facts about the Queen have slipped through the cracks and we can now know the Queen a bit better.

Does the Queen use Alexa?

Does the Queen use Alexa?

We do not know for sure if Queen Elizabeth uses the Amazon Alexa music device, but we do know something about Her Majesty’s contact with technology. Probably the most unexpected addiction the Queen had was playing with the Nintendo Wii console that was bought by Duchess Kate Middleton for Price William.

We know that the Queen owns a mobile phone and she has also been spotted using an iPod. President Barack Obama gave the Queen a personalized iPod preloaded with a collection of forty classic tunes, which leads us to the next question…

What does the Queen listen to?

 Some may think that the Queen listens to baroque classical music, but they would be wrong. For her 90th birthday, the Queen released a list of her ten favorite songs. Which tune takes the first spot? Surprisingly, it is “Oklahoma!” by Howard Keel. The second song is also a country Americana tune – “Anything You Can Do (Annie Get Your Gun)" by Dolores Gray and Bill Johnson. So is the Queen a country aficionado? Not entirely. Her list also includes several Jazz tunes and a few traditional British songs and military marches.

Does the Queen use social media?

Does the Queen use social media?

The Queen joined Twitter in July 2009 and Facebook in November 2010. However, her online presence is intermediated by a team of social media experts. The British Monarchy is the official Facebook page of the Royal House. Also, the Queen does not write the tweets herself (although she did write her first tweet personally) – the account is updated by a team working at Buckingham Palace and is following only one other Twitter account: Clarence House, the royal home of the Prince of Wales.

In addition, the Queen sent her first e-mail in 1976 from a British military base as part of a network technology demonstration, which makes her the first head of state to use electronic mail.

Does the Queen have a driving license?

In her youth, Queen Elizabeth II worked in the British Auxiliary Territorial Service during WW II as a truck driver and mechanic, so her fondness for cars is nothing new. The Queen is also the only person in Britain allowed to drive without a license or a license plate on her car. She also does not require a passport to travel to other countries, since all UK passports are issued in her name.

Does the Queen like Downton Abbey or The Crown?

Yes. She is a big fan of the show and enjoys pointing out historical inaccuracies. Other members of the Royal Family, especially by the Duchess of Cambridge, also enjoy the show. When asked about the new Netflix series, “The Crown” (a show about the Queen’s ascension), the Royal Family said that they were aware and anxious to see the results. However, nobody managed to get an answer from the Queen herself. It seems unlikely that, given her shyness, Queen Elizabeth II would enjoy watching a dramatization of her youth.

Does the Queen take afternoon tea?

Does the Queen take afternoon tea?

Yes, Queen Elizabeth keeps up with tradition and enjoys a warm cup of tea every afternoon. She brings along the essential kit made up of a kettle, a selection of teas and a stash of Dundee cake. A former royal aide told Daily Mail, that the Queen likes to plug in the kettle herself.

Is the Queen really that fond of Corgis?

The Queen’s love for the corgi dog breed is pretty well known. She owned 30 different corgis throughout her reign. She received her first corgi, Susan, as an 18th-birthday present in 1944. All of her corgis are direct descendants of Susan. However, if you ever meet the Queen, do not attempt to pet her dogs – she does not like it.

Does the Queen have a sense of humor?

According to sources, the Queen is a very good impersonator and loves to mimic personalities. Nobody knows whom she chooses to mimic, but it has been reported that she likes the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s Ali G character.

In later years, she developed a more relaxed attitude and the public has seen her smile more often. Canadian politician Michael Ignatieff also remarked the Queen’s good sense of humor. “She has a wonderful sense of the absurd,” he observed. “What is astounding about her is how that sense of humor, that sense of the absurd, that sense of comedy of life has survived 60 years of grueling public life.” (source)

Does the Queen have any political power?

Does the Queen have any political power?

The Queen still retains some legislative and executive attributes, but it has become tradition for ministers to exercise the Queen’s authority on her behalf.

The Queen can summon or prorogue the Parliament, she must give assent to bills from Parliament, singing them into law (she could, in theory, to refuse to give assent), she can appoint the Prime Minister after a general election and she has complete immunity, as she is above the law.

The Queen can also declare war on another nation, although this is usually done by the Prime Minister and the Parliament. She is, however, the commander-in-chief of the British Military and holds several military attributes.

Queen Elizabeth II had a difficult reign, but we can say that she always came on top. Today, she is one of Britain’s most popular monarchs and she is one of the best well-known British personalities. 

And she probably does not use Alexa. Sorry Amazon.