5 Beautiful Boots For Your Winter Wardrobe

5 Beautiful Boots For Your Winter Wardrobe
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The nights are getting longer and the days are getting colder. It's time for sensible footwear. But who wants that? Picking the right boots to go with your outfit is an important part of your fall/winter wardrobe. Leather is a must: they last longer and, let's be honest, just feel better. So join us for a look at 5 of the most beautiful boots you should add to your winter wardrobe.

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Boots can be combined with different outfits to great success. They are neither too formal nor too casual and they can be used to make a variety of fashion statements. Boots work perfectly combined with jeans, skirts, dresses and trousers. The color of the leather is important and will often decide the outfit you will pair them with. Black leather boots, for example, always go well with long fall and winter coats.

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Here are the best boots to complete your fall/winter wardrobe:

1.       The Malo Dark Brown Lined Suede Boots

For cold winter days you can always rely on your Malo boots. Lined with soft wool, these boots are designed to offer a lot of warmth. The rubber soles allow flexibility and provide a lot of comfort. The suede leather gives these boots a rugged appeal, which makes them perfect for a city look. They pair very well with jeans or trousers and a long winter coat.

2.      The Santoni leather demi-boot

Santoni’s fall/winter collection features a great number of amazing items. Fashion, comfort, and shiny leather are all a part of the Santoni leather demi-boot. A variation of the Beatle boot with a high silhouette, these shoes will give you an edgier look. Informal yet stylish, these leather boots are a perfect choice for a night out with friends. Wear them with your favorite dress and get ready to paint the town red because these boots will get you dancing!

3.      The Hermes Navarino

Bold and energetic, the Navarino boots can bring a lot of dynamism to your fall wardrobe. Made from calfskin and Nappa calfskin, these boots will get you through any autumn, regardless of how fierce the weather is. A palladium plated zipper and eyelets add some color and lightness to the design, making these boots stand out in any crowd. Wear them with skinny jeans and a leather jacket to achieve the perfect rebel style!

4.      Ludwig Reiter Husaren Boots

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For a dose of confidence, look no further than the Ludwig Reiter Husaren boots: you will look and feel on top of the world. These boots have a masculine feel to them and give the wearer a sense of strength and confidence. Inspired by the boots worn by the fierce Hussar cavalry, these shoes combine power with style. Ludwig Reiter uses only the highest quality leather and specializes in designing and producing fall/winter boots. Wear them with a dark skirt or dress or a black overcoat.


5.      Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee Tieland boot

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The Tieland boot features the classic over-the-knee silhouette, but with a block heel. These boots have personality, are sexy, sleek and fit perfectly with the fall trends. Their light brown color is a nice change from dark leather boots. Add some color to the gloomy winter weather with this bold addition to your wardrobe. To take full advantage of these boots, wear them with bare legs and a duster coat.

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Boots are diverse and versatile fashion statements. They can be bold and energetic or classic and elegant, and this is why one pair will just never be enough! Every year, designers produce new and exciting styles which will help you to maintain a youthful and stylish look. Every pair of boots has its own personality - passed on to you when you make them a part of your wardrobe.