Festival fashion 2017

 Festival fashion 2017
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Summer might bring warmer days and longer evenings, but it also signals the arrival of an even more exciting season: festival season. As some of the world\'s best music is put on display, and so is the best of bohemian style, and festival fashion 2017 looks set to surpass itself.

Know Your Festival

Festival fashion 2017

While festival fashion might be an encompassing theme, every festival has its own vibe and so its own style. The type of music, location and weather will make a big difference to your wardrobe. While bright, floating dresses might be great for a pop-focused festival set somewhere in the sun, a rock music festival requires a look a little different.

One of the festivals most famous for its fashion is Coachella. This is the place to get creative with your outfits. Everything goes, from the simple and chic to the completely outlandish. Flower headbands, printed maxi skirts and lace-detail crop-tops are time-honored classics, while fringing and over-sized sunnglasses easily capture the Coachella spirit.

On the other end of the spectrum is the famously muddy Glastonbury festival. Here, you’ll need a cagoule over your crop-top and wellies instead of sandals. But don’t worry - there’s still plenty of room to experiment with your festival look. Opt for over-sized shirts and t-shirt dresses - anything from the “just threw it on” philosophy of fashion.

Practically Perfect

Festival fashion 2017

When picking out your festival fashion 2017 outfit, it’s important to take into consideration practicality as well as aesthetics. You’ll likely have limited space in your suitcase, so versatile clothing is key as well as pieces you can mix and match into multiple outfits. Fortunately, the mix-and-match trend fits in perfectly with festival fashion!

Make sure to check the weather report before you head off so you know whether to expect rain or shine. If the temperature looks like it’s going to be varied, take clothes that are easy to layer. Light jackets, button-up shirts and kimonos are great for slipping on when the weather gets cooler and the flowing fits keep the festival vibes alive.

The same goes for footwear: your six-inch heels might look amazing but you’ll likely regret them after standing for six hours in order to hold your place near the stage. For summer weather, decorated sandals are the perfect mix of comfort and style. Gladiator straps are always in style, and bold stones and metallic colors give them an added touch of glamour. As an alternative, nude or white hi-tops are great for pairing with denim shorts or dresses to give them a cool, tomboy edge.

In wetter weather, wellington boots are the way forward. Show off your personality with a printed pair, or stick to the famous Hunter wellies for a classically cool look.

Accessorize All Areas

Festival fashion 2017

One of the easiest ways to save space without sacrificing variety is to decorate your outfits with accessories. A simple white tee can have a completely different look when paired with a chunky, multi-colored necklace compared to a black leather cuff bracelet. This season, Vogue predicts that over-sized earrings will be the new flower crowns. Geometric shapes in neon colors balance high fashion with fun, and are easy to mix and match with any outfit. Arm rings, which sit on the bicep, and midi rings, which sit between the top two knuckles, are also popular looks in festival fashion 2017.

A long-standing festival favorite is temporary tattoos. Among the most recent trends is metallic henna appliqués - an easy and creative way to elevate your outfit. Alternatively, you could visit a henna studio before the festival to get the real deal.

Festivals are also a great place to get creative with your hair and makeup - whether that means body glitter, galaxy eye-shadow or simply trying out a new color palette. Dutch braids and viking hair are both enjoying their time in the limelight, and these both make great festival hairstyles. As well as a chic, all-day look, they’ll help keep your hair under control throughout a weekend of camping.

Celebrity Muses

vanessa hudgens

If you’re looking for some inspiration when building your festival outfit, there’s plenty of ideas to be found in Coachella queen Vanessa Hudgens’ past looks. Always one step ahead of the trends, Hudgens has become well known for her festival outfits over recent years. With her bohemian sense of style, she tends towards bright colors, crochet details and layered necklaces and bracelets. The advice she offered her fans on Tumblr was to “bring a fun printed scarf! You can sit on it, wear on your head or drape over you when it gets chilly.”

Another starlet with great festival style is Miley Cyrus, who has reinvented herself since her Disney days as the Happy Hippie. Cyrus’ style is all about feeling good, and she’s often pictured in bright, printed trousers and t-shirts or tank tops with colorful cartoon slogans. Her fellow Disney alumna, Selena Gomez, offers up more inspiration, with one of her most popular Coachella looks including a vintage-inspired wide brimmed hat and a detailed lace dress. A similar look was debuted by Zendaya during Coachella 2015, who opted for a matching two-piece set - another popular festival favorite and an easy way to create an outfit that comes together quickly but looks like you spent much longer on it.

Festival Fashion 2017

Festival fashion 2017

There are some festival fashions transcend the trends, while others are new for this season. Many of fashion week’s most popular looks have influenced the upcoming festival scene. For example, with Pantone picking “Greenery” as the color of the year, many brands are launching eco-friendly ranges which are perfectly in-keeping with the trends of festival fashion 2017. Organic cotton and hemp are seeing an increase in popularity, and handmade or individual pieces are particularly popular.

Another new favorite is the flatform - a hybrid platform and sandal which gives you the comfort of flats and the added lift of heels. This shoe has been on the fashion radar for some time, but is expected to take the festival scene by storm this year. It’s accompanied by similar statement accessories, such as chunky belts and bucket hats, which add extra personality to your outfit without taking up too much room in your tent or camper-van.

Even wet weather festivals are seeing new trends spring up this season; transparent ponchos are the new favored way to keep rain at bay. As well as adding a cool, futuristic twist to a practical piece, they allow you to show off your carefully chosen festival outfit whatever the weather.

Between the new trends in shoes, jackets and accessories, festival fashion 2017 is looking set to launch a seriously stylish line up this season.

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