High Street Fashions Fit For a Queen

High Street Fashions Fit For a Queen
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When we think of royal style, the crown jewels come to mind – or perhaps elaborate coronation dresses. Rarely do we think of high street fashions filling up the wardrobes of Buckingham Palace, and yet it seems that may be the case. Kate Middleton has made waves in the fashion world with her now iconic personal style, although it seems she may have stylist to the stars, Natasha Archer to thank for much of it.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge’s stylist is well known for her penchant for mix and match fashion. She often pairs designer pieces with everyday brands, creating the effortlessly elegant look that Kate Middleton has become known for. Amongst the duchess’ favorite high street stores are H&M – which seems to top the list for many of Europe’s nobles – and Zara – the store behind the her favored jeans as well as the sleek blazer she wore during her 2016 Royal Tour. On that same tour, she was seen wearing an embroidered dress from Topshop during a visit to an animal sanctuary, LK Bennett accessories on a trip to Kelowna, and a Hobbs coat when she landed in Yukon.

High street fashion

Princess Eugenie of York

Fellow British royal Princess Eugenie also mixes high street fashions into her wardrobe, with brands such as Zara and Topshop making an appearance. The latter were behind the striped skirt she was pictured wearing during a recent shopping trip in New York. She, too, favors mix and match fashion, as the trip took her to elite boutique Intermix where she sampled a number of designer looks. Earlier on the same vacation, she was seen in an on-trend biker coat from Spanish brand Zara.

Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland

A love for high street fashion isn’t exclusive to British nobility, with royals across the continent adopting similar shopping habits. Princess Sofia, Duchess of Varmland, is thought to be taking inspiration by Kate Middleton’s fashion – in part because of their similar looks and the parallels in their marriages into royal families. The two royals also share a love for high street brand Reiss, which was behind the floral dress Princess Sofia wore in an interview photo shoot with her husband.

Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway

Mette-Marit, Crown Princess of Norway, is another loyal patron of Reiss. The retailer was revealed as one of the many names in her wardrobe when the princess put a number of items of clothing up for auction on an online bidding website. Other high street brands such as Filippa K and Banana Republic also featured, alongside the expected designer names.

The princess launched the auction as a way to encourage the recycling of clothes, urging others to “reuse rather than discard”. In keeping with the theme, the proceeds of the auction were donated to an environmental charity called Milijoagentene.

High street fashion

Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark

With so many names in the running, Hello! Magazine’s “most stylish royal” poll was a close-run contest, but in the end it was topped by Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark.

The glamorous royal makes frequent appearances at fashion events, including Copenhagen Fashion Week, where she was seen wearing a silk dress from small Danish label Edith and Ella. Other favorites from the high street include a beautiful cashmere cape from Mango and a brocade gown from ever-popular H&M.

Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden

Perhaps the most loyal patron of H&M among European nobility is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. The princess is a close friend of the brand’s CEO, Karl-Johan Persson, and has served as one of their biggest advocates. She’s often seen wearing dresses both at society events and during casual outings, with the Conscious Collection being a particular favorite.

Most recently, shoe chose a customized dress from the brand to wear at an appearance at the Nobel Prize award ceremony.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain is another royal who frequently appears on best-dressed lists. As well as a penchant for custom designs and high-end tailoring, the queen has a collection of high street names in her wardrobe, including Zara and Utuerque name but a few. The latter created the unique leather top she was seen wearing at the 2015 Journalism Awards, while high street brand Mango was responsible for the lattice-cut sandals she wore for a charity event promoting cancer awareness.

High street fashion

Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece

Royals are also making an appearance on the other side of the high street fashion industry, with Princess Marie-Chantal designing her own childrenswear collection in collaboration with Marks & Spencer. The partnership came about following the princess’ own successful luxury childrenswear line, which proved popular amongst celebrity children such as Kim and Kanye’s North West and Posh and Becks’ Harper.

The princess is also a fan of high street fashions herself, telling the Evening Standard that she owns Uniqlo puffer jackets in every color.

While often associated with designer names, European royals have proven over and over that elegance can be found in any number of places. And with even one-year-old Princess Charlotte of Cambridge making headlines for her style, it seems that the long-standing relationship between European royals and high-street fashion is one that’s set to stand the test of time.