How to Build the Best Wet Shaving Kit

How to Build the Best Wet Shaving Kit
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How a man shaves can tell you a lot about his personality. And nothing says class more than a stylish yet functional shaving set. With hundreds of possible combinations to choose from, how can you get the perfect wet shaving kit for you?

When building our shaving kit we have to take into account personal preferences, our skin’s condition (whether it is sensitive or not) and the quality of the instruments and products that we use. Every piece of your shaving kit will play a big role in helping you achieve a smooth clean-shaven look.

The razor

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A lot of your troubles can come from a bad razor, so choosing the right one is essential. There are three types of razors available: safety razors, cartridge razors, and straight razors. Safety razors are most suitable for beginners. The more initiated should give straight razors a try for a cleaner, faster and most relaxing shaving experience.

Cartridge razors are a bit of a controversy. Some claim that they are overpriced and, just a marketing ploy. Five-bladed razors can irritate the skin without shaving the beard. However, some razors, like the Mach3 do offer a clean and smooth shave.

The brush

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Badger hair shaving brushes are your best option. They are the softest and can hold a huge amount of water. Other types of natural hair brushes come from boar and horse hair. Some high-quality synthetic brushes also exist. They are made using nylon bristles and are durable and efficient. Synthetic brushes create a rich lather using little shaving cream or soap.

The shaving bowl

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Although not necessary, a shaving bowl does give your set a classy, old-timey look and is not without its use: it helps you achieve a richer lather.

The holder

Shaving kit with holder

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A wet shaving kit would not be complete without a holder. The holder gives your shaving kit style and class. Your razor and brush look great in a holder and they are safely in one place so that you cannot misplace them.

Lathering products

When it comes to lathering, you have many options. You can choose between shaving cream, soap, shaving gel and lotions, depending on your preferences. Shaving soap is more traditional and works great with straight razors.

Lathering must provide lubrication for the razor and it has to protect your skin. The cream/soap you use must be made of natural ingredients, have a thick texture and a great smell. If you have sensitive skin, go for shaving cream with Aloe Vera. Avoid creams that contain alcohol, as they will dry your skin. Chemical dyes, detergents and synthetic perfumes can cause unpleasant allergic reactions and irritation.


The aftershave you use will make a world of difference. Many men simply forget about it, but a good after shave cream or gel is essential. It makes your skin softer, lighter and prevents skin irritation.

Choose an aftershave suitable for your skin. Some have a high concentration of alcohol and are not recommended for sensitive skin. Choose an aftershave that has Aloe Vera, calendula, witch hazel, lavender, jojoba oil and various vitamins. These substances will keep your skin moisturized and fresh.

Two shaving sets to consider:

All the listed products can be bought separately, but getting a shaving set is simpler and the razor, the brush and the holder will be of the same quality and will work well together.

If you want to buy a wet shaving set, you have a lot of options. We have put together a small list of recommended products. All of them are high-quality sets and the choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences.

Detroit Grooming - Starter Shave Set

Five bottles of grooming oil

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This set is perfect for beginners who are not familiar enough with straight razors. It uses a safety razor that comes with five extra blades. We like that it has both shaving soap and cream so you can experiment with each.

The only negative thing about this set is the lack of a holder. Besides that, it is a perfect choice with a modest price tag.

Parker 29L Safety Razor Shave Set

This shaving set is of excellent quality. The set has a badger hairbrush and a Parker 29L safety razor. Sharp and quick, the razor will shave your skin clean of any unwanted facial hair. The chrome stands brings all the pieces together in an elegant ensemble. We particularly like the quality and sharpness of the razor.

Wet shaving is a lot easier with the right equipment. High-quality sets are difficult to come by and it is almost impossible to pick a set that will work for every man. Overall, quality is the most important factor because that determines whether your shaving experience will be a pleasant one or not. Sharp blades, soft brushes and a good shaving cream are all you need for a soft, fresh and smooth skin. 

What is your favorite shaving set?