The Secrets of Royal Stylists

The Secrets of Royal Stylists
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With Kate Middleton leading the way, today's royals are creating a renaissance in contemporary aristocratic style. Behind their every hairstyle, overcoat, fascinator and evening dress are their devoted royal stylists, bringing experienced eyes to the new royal aesthetic.

Explore the signature looks of the Duchess of Cambridge's headline-making and trend-starting stylist, and other notable dressers of European nobility, and find out how you can add that royal touch to your own everyday ensembles.

Natasha Archer

While her position as Kate Middleton's stylist and dresser is unofficial, Natasha Archer still ranks among the power stylists of the fashion world. She is frequently lauded as the one responsible for Middleton's highly covetable aesthetic, which is a perfect blend of classic cuts, runway trends, luxurious gowns, and down-to-earth separates.

It is rumored that Archer is behind two facets of Middleton's style that have since become integral to the Duchess' image: High heels and High Street fashion. If you'd like to take a leaf out of Middleton's fashion guide, ditch your wedges, ballerines and mules in favor of some sumptuous Gianvito Rossi suede pumps (a favorite designer and make of the Duchess), and mix your haute couture with some smartly selected pieces by the likes of Zara and LK Bennett.

You'll find yourself in good company should you decide to go the Kate Middleton route and mix high and low fashion. Archer's inspired mix has made quite the impact on other European royals, with the likes of Crown Princess Mette-Merit of Norway following suit.

Royal stylists - Natasha Archer, the stylist of Kate Middleton

Amanda Cook-Tucker

Who hasn't dreamed of having Kate Middleton's perfectly bouncy, glossy locks? The secret behind the Duchess' immaculate hair is none other than royal stylist and hairstylist Amanda Cook-Tucker. While Middleton has her beautiful chestnut locks colored in Chelsea, Cook-Tucker is responsible for the blow-dries that make women the world over green with envy.

The influence of Cook-Tucker's signature blowout on the general public has been obvious since Middleton first became entangled with the royals, with many crediting her for the growing popularity of immaculate, healthy, natural-looking hair. To give your own hair the royal treatment, get frequent cuts and colors by your most trusted stylists at upscale salons. Routinely restore its body, volume, and vibrancy with luxury shampoos such as Christophe Robin's Delicate Volumizing Shampoo with Rose Extracts.

Sam McKnight

Before Cook-Tucker stepped onto the scene as the hair stylist of British royalty, there was Sam McKnight. McKnight was the official royal stylist to the famous locks of the late Princess Diana, and the creator of her iconic short haircut. Since he gave the Princess of Wales that first crop in 1990, it inspired - and continues to inspire - millions of women the world over to stop hiding behind their hair and give themselves a chic aristocratic bob.

He and his hair cutting shears didn't stop there, either. In addition to other nobles, he's worked - and continues to work on - the looks of countless famous models, socialites, and actresses, among them Agyness Deyn, Kate Moss, Linda Evangelista, Cara Delevingne, and Keira Knightley.

Royal stylists - Sam McKnight, the hair stylist of Diana

Camilla Åstrand

While Kate Middleton is undoubtedly the darling of the royal fashion world, one shouldn't forget the monarchies up north. Royal stylist Camilla Åstrand is credited for Princess Sofia Hellqvist of Sweden's transformation from model and reality TV star to Duchess of Värmland. Åstrand took Hellqvist's casual clothing and contemporary fringe and exchanged it for more chic classics and and timeless side-swept hairstyle.

Åstrand has had an influence not only on Princess Sofia, but on the fashion world at large, with her tweaks of Hellqvist's style matching up the growing revival and return to traditional cuts, styles, and fabrics.

Tina Törnqvist

While many modern day royals look for a look that's a fine balance between high fashion and High Street, one who rebels from the norm is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. Since making her first appearance on the international stage, the future queen regnant sported some questionable looks, but that all changed when former movie star stylist Tina Törnqvist took the reigns. She gave Princess Victoria a royal treatment befitting her title, with glamorous gowns, jaw-dropping jewels, and elaborate tiaras becoming her go-to's.

Demure looks are still the most commonplace style among European nobility, but Princess Victoria and Tina Törnqvist have challenged this norm with results that are nothing short of inspired. As a result, other nobles and members of the upper-class - in addition to the general public - have become more comfortable with sporting more elaborate ensembles.

The fashions of European nobles and royalty are, without a doubt, one of the biggest influences on modern day mode. Whenever Kate Middleton or a member of another monarchy step out in public, you can bet that what they're wearing is bound to sell out in minutes. While we won't question the sartorial savvy of the nobles themselves, we do believe that credit should be given where credit is due, and encourage admirers of aristocratic style to pay closer attention to the royal stylists behind their favorite duchesses, queens, and princesses.

Royal stylists, Tina Törnqvist, the sylist of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden