The Bags of 2017

The Bags of 2017
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The Fashion Week previews gave us a lot to be excited about in SS17, with designers bringing a lot of new trends to the table. Accessories in particular have undergone a striking makeover this season, with the adventurous bags of 2017 demonstrating that fashion is truly for the bold.

Word of the Season: Bold

It seems the time for understatement is over, with designers from all fashion houses favoring statement style over simple and timeless. Looks are louder, shapes are quirkier and inspirations are more unusual than ever before in SS17’s key accessories, perhaps in reaction to the current climate of celebrating diversity and being proud of who you are. Everything is taken to the extreme this season - from sizing to prints.

Color Me Bold

Green bag

One of the most eye-catching trends of SS17’s catwalks is bold coloring. Tans and neutrals have faded away in favor of multi-colored, neon and all things bright. Pantone’s color of the season - Greenery - features heavily, as do unmissable oranges and pinks. Designers are also using colors in unusual ways, such as creating the illusion of textures or tricks of the mind as well as incorporating clashing colors to create more striking designs and evermore stylish handbags.

Must-Have Metallics

One trend that’s truly shining this season is metallics. While colors are getting brighter, they’re also getting sparklier, with silvers, golds and particularly chic bronzes making their way onto the catwalks along with metallic pop colors. It’s a trend we’re happy to welcome in - particularly with the eye-catching evening bags on offer. Who couldn’t use a little more sparkle in their life?

Patterns & Prints

Oscar de la Renta - Bag 2017

It seems the rule that less is more has been overturned this season, with designers shying away from simple designs and block colors in favor of bright patterns and prints. Sources of inspiration seem to come from a wide spectrum, from the 60's paisley pattern re-imagined by Oscar de la Renta to the Picasso style paintings utilized by Marc Jacobs. Animal prints also saw a major revival across the season’s catwalks. Whatever the look, it seems that all designers have agreed that bigger is better, with all-over patterns seeming to take precedence over placement prints in 2017 bags.

Cinched the Deal

The drawstring close seems to be the new magnetic close, with big names such as Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang debuting a number of cinch bags in their collections this season. There seems to be a theme of nostalgia running through SS17, and the cinch bag trend is no exception, with school-style drawstring backpacks making a comeback in a big way. Of course, that’s by no means the only style to have undergone a cinch adjustment, with shoulder bags and even clutches also sporting the new close.

Stylish Satchel Bags

Another playground favorite turned high fashion is the satchel bag. Long considered a must-have handbag, satchels have made particular impact this season, with everything from pretty, feminine designs to sleek, leather styles being featured by fashion houses. Functionality is important in the bags of 2017, so all styles feature pockets, straps and fastenings aplenty.

Supersize Handbags


It seems that designers have taken this season’s trend for the big and the bold quite literally, with a number of plus-sized handbags appearing in new collections. Over-sized duffel bags are particularly popular, and throughout all styles the silhouettes seem to be more relaxed with slouch shapes overtaking boxes. One of the season's hottest must-have bags from the runways is a Loewe carpet bag inspired by Mary Poppins - again playing on the nostalgic vibes of this season.

Downsized Handbags

For every yin, you need a yang and it seems for every supersizing trend you also need a downsizing trend. Some designers have taken sizing to the opposite extreme, with a host of mini bags making the cut this season. One of the most striking examples is Valentino’s simple lipstick case on a chain, bringing new meaning to “bare essentials”. The micro bag trend plays heavily in clutches, as expected, but also seems to be influencing shoulder and side bags.

Get a Handle On It

The bags of 2017 might be getting smaller, but their handles are going the opposite way. Giant handles are one of the season’s most stand-out decorations, with a particular trend towards over-sized ring grabs. Chloe’s featured mini bag showed off a circular handle the same size as the body of the bag, and other designers have followed similar patterns.

Louis Vuitton bag

Add-Ons & Accessories

Handles aren’t the only add-on getting extra attention this season, with many designers going full frills ahead. Accessorizing accessories has become the done thing, with patches, charms and hardware adorning 2017 bags of all shapes and sizes. Over-sized rivets proved popular among many fashion houses - a trend that seems to have also spread across womenswear.

Animal Effect: Hot Handbags

In great news for any fashion-loving wild child, animal effects are a favorite trend this season. As well as the appearance of fur - faux or otherwise - the catwalks welcomed a number of snakeskin and mock croc designs. The trend features across both texture and print, with time-honored favorites such as leopard print decorating a number of designer accessories.

The Fringes

Another texture trend that’s dominating SS17 is fringing, with a number of shoulder bags featuring heavy covering across the front. It seems it’s time to let loose your inner cowgirl, with wild-west styling - a trend that’s also featured in women’s shoes this season - taking bags from simple to striking. Perhaps in preparation for festival season, these textured bags exude an air of carefree, fun-loving style that make them likely to become staple accessories for the season.

2017 Bags: A New Angle

Deplozo bag

Keeping things quirky, designers are getting creative not just with style but with structure. The new wave of must-have clutch bags are notable for their unusual wrist straps that allow you to comfortably carry them sideways. The likes of Prada and Delpozo are pioneering this bold trend, with a similar look also being debuted by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Young at Heart

Bringing the focus back to nostalgia, throwback fashion seems to be a hit this season. The bags of 2017 are all about embracing your inner child, with fun designs that are made to fulfill your heart’s fashion desires. As well as featuring loud slogans and bright colors, bags have gone to the next level this season with many designs shaped like childhood toys, such as Chanel’s robot bag. Picnic baskets have also made an adorable appearance, with tradition woven silhouettes being favored by the likes of Charlotte Olympia.

From nostalgic designs to bold prints, it seems that with the bags of 2017, fashion designers just want to have fun.