What 2017 Holds for High End Men’s Fashion

What 2017 Holds for High End Men’s Fashion
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The year has yet to draw to its close, but all sartorial-minded individuals are already buzzing about what 2017 holds for the high end fashion world. While the menswear Spring/Summer 2017 shows were flush with daring designs and colors, at their core was a return to classical looks and cuts. The end result? Timeless but trendy pieces that should be in every well-dressed man's closet in the coming year.

Spiced Up Formal Wear


The tuxedo is a garment that has long been synonymous with refinement. For decades it's been the staple to wear for evening events that demand impeccable dressing, and it will continue to be so for the coming year. That said, in 2017 the classic tuxedo is being revived with a touch of eccentricity. Fashion houses such as Dolce & Gabbana are producing expertly tailored suits with unexpected touches, such as elegant floral patterns, finely stitched monograms, or silky fabric.

Men’s fashion - Dolce & Gabbana Tuxedos


Traditional handmade suits remain a respectable and fashionable choice for both daytime and evening soirees alike. While black remains the classic go-to, also making waves on the runway and among the elite are suits in grey, beige, and plaid, as was seen all over the smashing Louis Vuitton 2017 menswear collection.

Also seeing a recent resurgence in popularity in 2017 are morning suits. The upscale ensemble is perfect for morning and afternoon events where a tuxedo would be out of place, such as races, formal gatherings, state events, and other gatherings peppered throughout the social season.

Return to Classic Casual Wear

While formal menswear leans more towards the experimental in 2017, casual wear remains unabashedly classical.

Setting the trends for tailor made clothes this season are Ralph Lauren and J.Crew, whose Spring collections for the new year of men's fashion both heralded a return to upscale Americana and the Kennedy era.

Ralph Lauren's herringbone cashmere sweaters and pressed white linen pants suggested that luxury fabrics in simple cuts are the look du jour for today's fashion-conscious man. J. Crew's preppy crewneck sweaters and cable-knit cardigans in shades of olive, brown, and camel suggested the same, though with a more pastoral spin.

Smart Accessories

Bow Ties

While bow ties have vanished from many a gentleman's repertoire the past decade, they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity among the more daring high-end dressers out there. However, they must be worn smartly to keep them from looking garish. Should one wish to wear a bow tie, they should stick to ones made of finely made fabrics in modest colors, such as this navy herringbone silk bow tie from Turnbull & Asser.

Men’s fashion - Turnbull & Asser bow tie


A suit is simply not complete without a tie. When it comes to neckwear, classics such as the ascots, British printed silk, and classic motifs by the likes of Benson & Clegg continue to reign supreme. However, also making waves among the genteel is the trendier skinny tie. The style has been growing in popularity among the higher class, with frequent sightings in upscale districts of Paris, Milan, and London. It has also become a favorite of fashion forward aristocrats like Charles Gordon-Lennox.

Cufflinks and Other Jewelry

Men's jewelry has fallen in and out of fashion for decades, but is looking to be en vogue in 2017. The pieces expected to be popular in the coming year have a distinctly masculine style and edge, such as these onyx and silver cufflinks from Jaronsinski & Vaugoin. Like other jewelry expected to be seen on gentlemen in the coming seasons, they are characterized by geometric cuts, minimalist designs, and bold stones and metals.

Men’s fashion - Jaronsinski & Vaugoin onyx and silver cufflinks


Luxury watches are among the most timeless accessories a gentleman can own. As such, it's unsurprising that they trend every season without fail. Like with jewelry and much of men's fashion at the moment, the most popular luxury watch designs of the moment are minimalist and practical. Moreover, they are made of only the highest quality metals and materials.

While there is no shortage of fine watches on the market in 2017 from a variety of watch makers and fashion houses, Swiss watch maker Rolex remains the inarguable favorite of the social elite.

Exquisite Storage Options


Every well-organized gentleman knows how important it is to have a haberdashery in his home. The classical chests are the perfect depository for shirts, pants, cufflinks, ties, and hats, thanks to their spacious drawers and spaces. Truly an investment piece, when shopping for a haberdashery one should look for one made with the finest materials and craftsmanship, such as this tartan haberdashery from Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture.

Men’s fashion - tartan haberdashery from Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture

Watch Case

Elegant watches demand an equally elegant case in which to store them. A prime example is Louis Vuitton's monogrammed watch case, which fits eight watches and features among other things an S-lock with key and removable cushions. Its timeless and utilitarian design makes it perfect for a suitcase, safe, or even on display in a bedroom.

If you have any thoughts to share on what the new year holds for menswear, or know of any additional trends or items you think are worth mentioning, please leave a note in the comment box below.