5 of the Best Champagne Clubs From Around the World

5 of the Best Champagne Clubs From Around the World
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Champagne is celebration. It is nostalgia and anticipation. We reach for the most exquisite bubbly when we have good news to share with loved ones, when we reach a new milestone, or we start a whole new chapter. We toast to say, “I love you” and “Congratulations!”, knowing that the clink of our glasses will bring us all together. Here you will find a list of five of the best champagne clubs to consider joining in order to keep the fizz flowing.

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The benefits of joining champagne clubs are endless; not only will you always have a bottle to share with friends and family, you will also gain first-hand access to new discoveries, explore far regions of the earth, visit the vineyards of France and Italy from the comfort of your own home, and have exclusive access to wines and champagnes that can't be found in stores. What more decadent way to treat yourself than with a monthly or bi-monthly subscription to the finest wines and champagnes the world has to offer. A champagne club will often offer valuable advice on wine storage and buying vintage champagne, an array of membership options, up-to-date information about rare and collectible champagnes, as well as invitations to private events such as tastings and masterclasses. Champagne delivery has never been more sophisticated.

Henri’s Reserve Joie De Champagne - $1740 Annually For Monthly Deliveries

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When it comes to champagne clubs, this prestigious business is one you can count on for versatility. You can choose from monthly, bi-monthly and quarterly membership — with each option carrying its own benefits. Henri himself can’t think of a luxury more desirable than champagne delivered right to your door — and neither can we! Becoming a member means gaining access to Family Estate Champagnes from the finest private estates as well as knowledge about the legacy of the families behind them. Henri will even provide essential information on food pairing ideas so you can treat your guests to the ultimate luxury over a candle-lit dinner party.


Pre-pay and pay-as-you-go options available.

10% off all future purchases.

Access to Artisanal Champagnes.


This membership is only valid in continental US, excluding Utah and the Dakotas.

The Richard Juhlin Champagne Club - 89

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The style of this club is very much focused on knowledge. Rather than promoting brands, Mr Juhlin promotes information. This exclusive club gives nothing away on the surface; all luxuries are reserved for members so you can be sure you’ll be treated to the most up-to-date luxury champagnes for your enjoyment. For a global source of knowledge on the finest bubbles in the business, Richard Juhlin’s tasting library includes over 8,000 different champagnes. Each bottle comes with a grade and a set of tasting notes. As a member of this club you’ll have access to new wines and champagnes as soon as Juhlin tastes them. Champagne enjoyment is about so much more than just the taste, which is why this club offers its members the chance to be treated to information on new gastronomic experiences, other wines, and new restaurants. Champagne clubs like this one are for those who crave global knowledge about the world of fizz.


Swedish members will have access to the “member’s only” Juhlin Champagne Bars, of which there are two; Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Simple sign-up.


Exclusive champagne bars are based in Sweden, but the club is expanding.

La Bonne Vie Champagne Club - $229 Per Month + $39 Membership Fee

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“Where champagne and the good life are one and the same.” 

If you buy champagne on a regular basis then this is the champagne club for you. Based in Australia, Bonne Vie is the ultimate membership experience for champagne lovers. “La Bonne Vie Membership will provide you with all you need to live a champagne lovers life,” which sounds pretty inviting to us. The club asks for a standard $39 membership fee per month, which includes 2 crystal champagne flutes valued at $49, monthly video tutorials and a range of exclusive invitations and discounts. 

Champagne delivery starts at $229 per month on top of the standard monthly fee, and includes 2 bottles of champagne each month along with all of the bonus discounts and party invites. These bottles will not arrive alone; every delivery is equipped with a video tutorial which tells you about the bottle, the history behind the wine-maker and details about what makes that champagne unique. Every bottle is hand-selected and has a story to tell and a lesson to teach. Those who love to expand their knowledge of this fine art will be impressed by the different monthly themes and expert tips and advice.


Membership includes 2 or 4 crystal Champagne flutes hand-crafted in Italy.

10% off Champagne masterclasses and events.

You can upgrade, downgrade or pause your deliveries at any time.


Invitations most likely based in Australia.

Fat Cork Champagne Club - $99 — $298 per shipment

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“We strive to change the perception of Champagne as an exorbitant delicacy to an exciting option for celebrating everyday moments.”

We know that the best things often come in small packages. The Fat Cork are based in a small, underground warehouse in Seattle and they are dedicated solely to grower champagne. This is one of those exclusive champagne clubs that specializes in the best of the best, purchased from the very families who grow the grapes, tend the vines and make the bubbles! The Fat Cork celebrates generations of grower champagne and The Fat Cork Club offers a whole host of benefits that you’ll have a hard time saying no to. As well as free shipping on all FC Club orders, the shipments are tailored to you and your taste. You’ll be invited to Seattle’s “tasting parties” with guests of honor and treated to appointments with the growers themselves to gain an insight into the magic behind the business. 

Ranging from $99 — $298 per shipment, you can choose the membership plan that best suits your lifestyle.


After signing up, you’ll receive a taste preference survey to establish which bottles will be hand-selected for you.

Curvees are selected for you every other month and are shipped right to your door.

Local Seattle members can pick their shipments up directly from the warehouse.

Options for seasonal shipments outside of regular club shipments.


“Tasting parties” are only based in Seattle.

The Global Medal Wine Club - $37 - $75 monthly. 

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Gold Medal first opened its doors to members 24 years ago. It prides itself on offering, “consistent, high-level quality wines” that focus on small-production and family-owned businesses. The wines available in this members-only club are generally not sold in stores, so for non-members they are near-impossible to get your hands on.

This club offers six membership options for you to choose from; from Gold Wine Club at $37 monthly to International Wine Club at $75 monthly. All of the wines are award-winning bottles, tried and tested by wine publications as well as industry experts. As a member you’ll discover wines from family-owned wineries across the US — California, Washington, Oregon and around the world. The wine is delivered straight to your door and there are a range of rewards and savings to be made by being a part of the club.


As part of your membership you’ll receive a publication full of information, recipes, facts and history on selected wines.

Flexible membership options.

No sign-up fees


Unlike other clubs listed here, there appears to be no obvious extras such as exclusive tasting invitations or masterclasses.

A champagne club is a wonderful way to bring friends and loved ones together, whether it's thanks to a generous gift or as a treat for yourself. You can enjoy the finest champagne and sparkling wine from world-renowned wineries across the globe whilst expanding your knowledge of this prestigious and traditional industry. Perhaps you are already a member of a champagne club or wine club and wish to share your unique experience in the comments below. Do you have a champagne collection yourself or a particular bottle you are saving for something spectacular?