World’s Most Exclusive Yacht Destinations – 10 Islands to Visit!

World’s Most Exclusive Yacht Destinations – 10 Islands to Visit!
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Some of the world’s most exclusive yacht destinations are ready to offer you the best vacation. Beautiful blue lagoons, golden beaches and unique landscapes are what you will find if you embark to any of these ten exclusive destinations. All of these locations are only reachable by boat and can be quite isolated from civilization, but you will still find the comfort needed for relaxing. Sail with us to any of these island paradises!

1.      The Canary Islands

Typical Canary Island scenery

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Although not as popular as the Balearics, the Canary Islands offer everything for a perfect sailing holiday: predictable weather, strong winds, beach resorts and unique natural and historical landmarks.

Situated in the Atlantic, north of the tropical belt and close to the desert coast of Northern Africa, the Canaries rip the benefits of the wet Northern currents that bring rainfall, but they also enjoy sunny tropical weather. The most interesting feature, determined also by the islands’ location, is the high differences in climates and fauna from island to island. The eastern islands of Lanzarote and Forteventura have a dry climate thanks to their proximity to the African desert. The western islands, however, have a rich fauna and enjoy steady rainfall throughout the year. On Tenerife, you can find extreme micro-climates, such as the Anaga region which stands out from the arid south coast.

The islands have a mountainous terrain perfect for a quick hike. They also feature famous beach resorts like Puerto de la Cruz on Tenerife, one of the oldest holiday resorts on the islands (a favorite destination for British travelers). Another point of interest is the active volcanoes. Mount Teide on Tenerife is the third highest volcano in the world and brings in over 12 million tourists every year.

 All the islands have good porting facilities and renting a yacht is easy. A cruising adventure will take you from island to island where you will experience unique flora and fauna. The best time to visit the islands is in November.

2.      Corfu and the Ionian Islands

Boats in a bay at Corfu

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The Mediterranean and Greece especially have a lot to offer to sailing enthusiasts. The Greek archipelago is well worth a visit. Every island can be unique and there are a few hundred of them! Among them Corfu and the Ionian Islands stand out not only because they have the best facilities for yachting but also due to their natural beauty.

Corfu is the ideal starting point of your adventure. The island is the northern-most Ionian island and sailing south from here, you can visit the rest of the islands: Paxi and Antipaxi, Lefkas, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, and the island of Kythira. You will sail on turquoise waters with a gentle wind. There are many anchorage points and small islands that are secluded and only accessible by yacht.

The islands have a rich flora and fauna which takes the traveler by surprise. The Ionian Islands are not the rocky sun bathed Greece that many picture. Instead, they offer small green paradises and a mix of Latin and Greek culture.

3.      Fiji

Palm trees in Fiji

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If you want to take the way of the early explorers, then Fiji is a perfect destination. The island combines raw tropical jungles with exotic culture. The international airport at Nadi in the Mamucas welcomes travelers from all over the world. From there, you can start exploring the many islands. The Yasawa islands are more remote and secluded: stop here for its virgin natural beauty. Then, visit the rest of the islands and see local dances and rituals. Engage in the locals’ culture and experience a raw, primitive side of humanity. Then, retire to your luxury yacht and enjoy all the benefits of modern technology. Time travel at your own pace!

4.      Croatia Riviera

Harbor in Dubrovnik

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The Dalmatian coast is becoming a top touristic attraction. Until recent years, Croatia was relatively unknown to yacht charters, but soon as its natural beauty and clear waters have been discovered, the yacht fleets appeared. Called the “new riviera”, Croatia can easily compete with Italy and France. With over 1000 islands ready to be discovered, Croatia is a top destination or yachting. The coast offer beautiful, secluded beeches and unique medieval towns, carved in the mountains. From Croatia, sail to the Albanian coast and on the way, explore hidden coves, picturesque fishing villages and remote islands groups.

5.      The Azores

Landscape in Azores

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Most yachts stop in the Azores on their way to the Caribbean and the Atlantic Coast, but the Azores are well worth a visit. Not as touristy and popular as the Caribbean islands, the Azores are a perfect destination for a week-getaway with a special someone. The nine Azores islands are divided into three groups: the Eastern Group, formed by the islands of Sao Miguel and Santa Maria; the Central Group, by the islands of Faial, Pico, Sao Jorge, Terceira and Graciosa; and lastly, the Western Group, by the islands of Flores and Corvo.

The islands have a perfect weather for sailing and there are many resorts where you can anchor and enjoy the sunbathed beaches. You can dive in the warm waters, go scuba diving or enjoy sailing between the islands with dolphins as your companions.

6.      Galapagos

Galapagos scenery

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For nature lovers, Galapagos is an untouched natural paradise. Strict governmental control and maintenance assures that the islands’ natural beauty remains pristine. Located in the Pacific, 600 miles of the coast of Ecuador, the islands have unique fauna. Here you can see unique and endemic animals that have adapted to the islands’ conditions.

7.      Turks and Caicos

Beach with white sand

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The Turks and Caicos Islands feature the third world’s largest coral reef and some of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever come across. Out of the 40 islands that make Turks and Caicos, only eight are inhabited, leaving the rest of the islands open for exploring. A 7-day itinerary will take you to the most beautiful islands where you can find perfect sports for sunbathing, swimming and scuba diving to see the corals.

8.      Corsica

Town on top of cliff

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Corsica is neither French nor Italian, but a combination of the two. It has its own unique culture and the landscape is some of the most beautiful the Mediterranean has to offer. Whether you want to relax on a beach, hike in the mountains, visit charming villages and towns or dine in the gourmet restaurants, Corsica offers all these option and even more. Sail from Elba to Sardinia and explore the beautiful Italian cost on glittering blue waters.

Ajaccio is the biggest city on the island. Here you can find the best restaurants and shopping areas. Bonifacio brings the past to life with its excellent preserved medieval walls and houses. Explore the coves on St. Florent which are accessible by boat only and remain untouched.

9.      Mauritius

Palm tree on beach in Mauritius

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It would be difficult to find an island more intriguing and beautiful than Mauritius. As remote as it is beautiful, the island is a perfect for a luxury yacht holiday. Go snorkeling and scuba diving to explore the colorful coral reefs. Travel inland to sleepy volcanoes, incredible cascades and lush vegetation. Dine and shop in stylish restaurants and shops on Port Louis and finally, stop on Isle aux Aigrettes to observe the exciting wildlife. Mauritius has all the elements for a yacht holiday that is relaxing, adventurous and simply amazing from start to finish. 

10.  French Polynesia

Boat on turquoise water

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If you want to get away from civilization and travel to an untouched paradise, the French Polynesia is your dream destination. Its isolation sheltered the islands from the flocks of tourists and helped preserve its natural wonders. Here, you can still find land untouched by civilization. As wild as it is beautiful, French Polynesia welcomes you with turquoise waters, a gentle breeze and many mysteries that are yet to be explored.

The most famous islands are Tahiti with its romantic allure and Bora Bora with its exclusive and luxurious beeches. The French Polynesia islands feature some of the best weather on the planet. It is perfect for sailing, sunbathing and exploring the island’s interior.

But wherever you end up, you still want to look your best when you get there. Travel and makeup don't always go together, so be sure to pack for the trip, wherever you end up. There's nothing worse than getting to your idyllic destination only to find out the salt has ruined your hair and the only shop on the island doesn't stock your hair care products. So come prepared and enjoy some of the most breathtaking locations nature can provide.